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After the 2020 cycle, we carried out a study on the infrastructure, strategy and results of the election with regard to Latino voters in the Rio Grande Valley. We conducted interviews with hundreds of local activists, party leaders, congressional staffers and Latino voters and found that a surplus of Latinos from this region who voted in 2020 did not vote in either 2016 or 2018, and a majority of these voters were registered Democrats who voted Republican.

Our research demonstrates how this happened because Democrats started their outreach to Latinos too late in the cycle for it to have a significant impact, they used ineffective messaging when they did their outreach, and they lacked the kind of multilayered paid communications the party normally uses when conducting outreach to white suburban voters.

Latinos need to be approached as a persuadable universe, and they were not in 2020.

That's why we created Nuestro Texas, a state PAC committed to turning out Latino voters in the Rio Grande Valley to remove Governor Greg Abbott and his Republican legislature from office. They have gone out of their way to restrict the rights of marginalized groups across the Lone Star State. From their draconian abortion bill to their racist voting bill, Abbott and Texas Republicans have made it clear that Latinos and other marginalized people are not part of their vision for Texas.

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